Workshop "Future City"

15 and 16.06. 2017 at the Waterkant Festival in Kiel, Germany


Create your Vision.

Tomorrow we will live in it.


All things are ideas first –

only later they become a building, a place.

And many ideas together form a city.

If we like it, we will stay

and call it home.


What´s missing today?

Look into your future,

which place do you see?






On the 20.01.2017

at the art academy Burg Giebichenstein in Halle, Germany

Sweet Paper Installation


FR " Basée à Londres, l’artiste Victoria Bee a conçu

« Une petite gâterie pour vous », une sculpture typographique avec des lettres aux couleurs et aux contours différents agrémentés de papier découpé, de collages et de supports en mousse. Un superbe travail de composition graphique réalisé à la main et rappelant les oeuvres de Tyrsa. "



EN " London-based artist Victoria Bee designed

“A little treat for you,” a typographic sculpture with letters and colors featuring different contours embellished with cut paper, collage and foam supports. A beautiful handmade graphic composition work which remind of Tyrsa‘s work. To discover with the making-of. "






2014 Calendar With Flavours


FR " Un collectif de designers anglais travaillant chez Nearly Normal Craft ont conçu un calendrier très coloré pour la nouvelle année 2014. Chaque mois est représenté par un fruit imprégné du chiffre du mois en cours. Ce mois de janvier a donc un goût de pomme rouge faite de papier et de collage. Plus de détails dans la suite. "



EN "  English designers collective working at Nearly Normal Craft has made a colorful calendar for the new year. Each month is represented by a fruit with the number of the ongoing month. So, this January month has a taste of red apple made of paper and collage."






Un calendrier particulièrement fruité



FR " Une dose de vitamine pour entamer chaque nouvelle journée, c'est le régime proposé par le studio londonien Nearly Normal.

Le calendrier développé pour l'année 2014 rassemble des sculptures de fruits colorés entièrement réalisées avec du papier découpé. Les tranches sont recouvertes d'un motif graphique comportant une répétition de chiffres. "

A hilarious calendar of fruit made from cut paper


EN " The team at Nearly Normal are upping the ante for the world of calendar’s with their 2014 edition. For twelve months they’ve created twelve intricately made fruits, each made from cut paper and meticulously put together. I love that each of these are so vibrantly colored and that the filling of each front has the number of the month inside. It’s also great how the days of the month are represented on the left side of each one, with the weekends clearly denoted in black.


There’s more photos of the calendar below as well as some behind-the-scenes shots. "

New Flavours, Colorful Fruit Calendar By Nearly Normal


EN " London based creative production company Nearly Normal published this calendar for 2014

titled "New Flavours”. The calendar includes unique fruit paper crafts… "

Nearly Normal 2014 Calendar


EN " Isn’t it beautiful? London based creative production company Nearly Normal published this calendar for 2014. It’s completely made from paper.

The calendar includes unique fruit paper crafts created

by Victoria Bee, Rita Araujo, and Cris Wiegandt for each month. Jaime Kiss and Saulo Jamariqueli

were responsible for concept and creative direction.

The result is a strikingly colorful 2014 calendar that features lovely designed fruit paper sculptures. "

Busy Bee creating quite a buzz.

EN " Victoria Bee is a 22-year-old Belgian

graphic-deisgn graduate who has just moved

to Montreal in the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec to try her luck as a freelance designer. She has a refreshingly youthful approach, based largely on fun and fantasy, and can turn her hand to most genres, from illustration to logos, packaging, typography and handcrafted artworks. She likes to keep things simple and her creations have a cartoon-like quality to them. Bring some happiness into your life by sharing in hers at : "

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« Where there is love, there is life. »