Set-designer and Art Director, I create sculptures and stagings for photoshootings, window displays, stopframe animations, etc.

I find my inspiration in everyday-life objects and nature

to create with passion a whole little universe and give life to every project !

I work a lot with easy-to-find materials like paper, cardboard, polystyrene etc. but work on the idea to not be limited anymore by the space of my studio to make monumental pieces and real-life installations.



Quick biography :

After my studies in Belgium, I decided to look for where

I truly belong and start to travel a lot. I had the chance to work and live in inspiring cities like Brussel, Montreal, Paris and London but it's in Berlin that my heart found for now his place. Let's the future decide what I will do, which exciting project I will work on, where I will go.


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« Where there is love, there is life. »